2017-2019 Kawasaki Z125 PRO Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light

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Blaster-X Control Switch for Programming all Custom LED Blaster-X Tail Lights

Blaster-X Control Switch

Works with all Blaster-X Tail Lights to control Strobe Mode and the Programming Features. NEW! Features an On-Off-Momentary operation for easy programming and strobe-mode use. Super simple installation with prewired 24" long...
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Kawasaki OEM Turn Signal Y-Splitter Connectors, 2-Wire (pair)

Kawasaki OEM Turn Signal Y-Splitter Connectors, 2-Wire (pair)

Allows for 2 turn signal lamps to be connected to each turn signal circuit. Increase turn signal visibility with two sets of lamps, such as: Integrated turn signals and auxiliary...
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Custom LED Stage II Load Equalizer for LED Turn Signal Blinkers

Load Equalizer - 10 Watt (pair)

Provides the same electrical load as a 7 to 13 Watt incandescent bulb, which are commonly used on late-model motorcycles. Fixes the fast-blink, no-blink and 4-way blink problems. Comes with non destructive...
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    The Custom LED Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Lights are the finest tail lights on the market, and the 2017-2019 Kawasaki Z125 PRO is just one of many motorcycle models that we produce tail lights for.

    All of our Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Lights are hand-made here in the USA by the company owner - and motorcycle enthusiast - who puts his pride and craftsmanship into every single product that we produce. Quite simply, this is the best and brightest production tail light that money can buy.

    Each Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light features powerful and effective safety features built right into the tail light.  These features include: Blaster-X Technology with Brake AlertTurn Alert, and Strobe Mode.  Click to find out more about these features.

    If you are new to the Custom LED brand, perhaps you would like to read about what makes Custom LED's Tail Lights the best available. Also, you may want to read about our founding principles that focus on quality and safety, in each motorcycle tail light that we design, manufacture and assemble. For instance, we do not produce Smoked Tail Lights, or Sequential Tail Lights because they go against the principles that this company is founded on.


    • Plug-and-Play installation with OEM connectors (tail light AND turn signals)
    • OEM Fit with high quality clear lens (want smoked lens?)
    • 32 Ultra Bright Red LEDs for running and brake lights
    • 32 Ultra Bright Yellow LEDs for turn signals
    • Stealth black boards for inconspicuous appearance
    • Custom LED ColorChange Technology on-board
    • Custom LED Blaster-X PWM Technology on-board
    • Custom LED Strobe Mode
    • Custom LED Brake Alert
    • Custom LED Turn Alert
    • Custom LED Sure-Blink Technology
    • 2nd Generation Programming Interface allows users to easily customize programmable features
    • Built-in Stage I Load Equalizers
    • Robust regulated design for consistent and reliable performance
    • 4 MHz microprocessor controlled operation
    • 24/7 customer support
    • 2-year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee
    • NOT DOT approved


      We have a large collection of all Custom LED product videos on the Custom LED YouTube Channel.

      The videos in this playlist below are a collection of user-submitted and original videos related to this model motorcycle.


      The Custom LED 2017-2019 Kawasaki Z125 PRO Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light was designed to function as a direct replacement for the OEM tail light.  The unit will install with exactly the same fit and electrical connectors as the OEM unit.  No cutting, splicing, or bodywork modifications are required, what so ever.

      Additional hardware may be necessary if you wish to remove the OEM fender assembly and/or modify the bodywork on your motorcycle.  The fender assembly typically supports the license plate, and OEM blinker lamps.  On some models, removal of this fender assembly leaves gaps or unfinished sections of the bodywork under the tail section.  Keep in mind, our product is a direct replacement for the OEM tail light, and does not require any additional modifications.

      There may be additional accessories required to correct blinker problems on your motorcycle if you remove your OEM turn signals. These accessories can not be built into the tail light, and are generally optional and specific to different customers needs, so they are sold separately. Please see the recommended accessories, and read about the general issues and solutions in our Frequent Questions Page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Installation of this product requires that you remove the OEM tail light from the motorcycle, and install this unit in its place.  Please consult a qualified technician or your repair manual for the proper procedure to remove the OEM tail light.

      Once the OEM tail light is removed from the motorcycle, installation of the Custom LED 2017-2019 Kawasaki Z125 PRO Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light is detailed in the instructions below.


      2017-2019 Kawasaki Z125 PRO Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light - Installation Instructions

      Click icon to download.
      Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.
      If you are having problems viewing the file, please download the free software here.

      2nd Generation Programming Interface Supplemental Brake Alert Programming Guide.

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      Rod K. verified customer review of 2017-2019 Kawasaki Z125 PRO Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail LightRod K. verified customer review of 2017-2019 Kawasaki Z125 PRO Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light

      Custom LED Blaster-x control switch and taillight.

      Great product, very programmable and so bright you have to wear shades!!!

      Rod K.
      United States
      Bruce S. verified customer review of 2017-2019 Kawasaki Z125 PRO Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light

      hOoLiGrOmZ125 Z125pro

      Through an order a Snafu on our part, we received a Grom light. After contacting the company a replacement Z125Pro light was sent immediately. Install was very easy and the light is by far brighter than the competitors. All parts merrier with the Z125pro without any issues. We have purchased a total of 3 lights so far for our stable of Grom/Z125pro and are looking to purchase a fourth to round out the last of the four bikes. We highly recommend the blasterX and enjoy showing the strobe mode as much as possible.

      Bruce S.
      United States
      DARIUS B. verified customer review of 2017-2019 Kawasaki Z125 PRO Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail LightDARIUS B. verified customer review of 2017-2019 Kawasaki Z125 PRO Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light

      Instructions could have been a

      Instructions could have been a little more detailed but it's is and exceptional product

      DARIUS B.
      United States
      Custom LED

      Hello Darius, Thank you for your honest review of our product. I can only assume you are looking for detailed instructions as to how to remove the OEM tail light, as the operational instructions of our tail light are quite comprehensive. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide step-by-step instructions as to how to remove the OEM tail light from your motorcycle - as this is covered in detail in the factory repair manual. Installation of our product is the exact same procedure in reverse. If anyone has any questions or difficulty during installation of one of our products, they are more than welcome to call our customer support which is available even after normal business hours. Our phone number is printed on every packing slip, business card, and on our website. Regards, Jon Custom LED


      Great product

      Product is awesome. Easy to install, looks and works great. Thank you.

      Pedro S.
      United States

      Great product!!

      This is my third Custom LED product for my third bike. I continue to choose this brand of LED tail light because it's very bright, and especially when you use the brakes. My old bike has the rear tail light from Custom LED and still running line a new without issue. Great job guys!!

      Hameed A.
      United States

      Just as Expected

      Item was just as described. Perfect fit. Easy assembly. Would recommend to anyone. Would purchase again if needed.

      Quonsheryl P.
      United States

      Bright! Replacing faulty OEM unit 2013 ZX6R

      The OEM LED's started flickering around 3,000 miles. Within 10,000 miles, over half were burned out or flickering on the OEM unit. It was important to me to find the most visible (brightest, etc) replacement i could find. I did a lot of research. Unfortunately there was less information on the Blaster-X than some of the other brands. I took a chance, and am glad i did! The Blaster-X is very bright, much brighter than the stock unit. In fact, the running light may be brighter than the stock light when brakes are applied. I wish it was offered in a red lens so it appears stock. Easy install, great fit. It would have been very helpful in programming to have a list of light options (think morse code on paper to illustrate options), but after about 10 minutes of playing around, i settled on my favorite.

      Aaron T.
      United States
      Custom LED

      Hello Aaron, and thank you for your review! I understand you would have liked a red tinted lens on our product. Unfortunately, clear is the only lens filter (color) that will allow for both red and yellow light to pass through properly. A red tinted lens would filter out most of the yellow light for the integrated turn signal function. Other than that, I'm glad you figured out the programming interface quickly! We are always here standing by to assist our customers by phone or email.


      This one is lacking

      This is my 3rd Blaster-X LED purchase and I must say this one irritated me. I loved all the previous purchases due to the brightness, the strobe and the emergency function. They all have served me well which is why my first thought was Custom LED when I was making a purchase for my Z125 however I was disappointed. When I received it, the power cable was BARELY BARELY long enough to make it to he connector. I had to run it in a straight line and couldn’t even route it properly so I hope it doesn’t damage with time. The blinkers were both far too short for the OEM plugs and I had to splice to make them work. Very poor work when you consider the extremely premium price that you pay for this light. I was very disappointed after how happy I was with my previous custom LED products.

      Daniel S.
      United States
      Custom LED

      Daniel, I'm so sorry to hear about your disappointment with the cable lengths. As clearly explained in the installation instructions that ship with the tail light, it was necessary to release the retnetion clips holding the OEM turn signal connectors in place. The cable lengths were originally optimized for the ZX6R model, which was released by Kawasaki previous to the Z125. However, at the present time all stock of our product features longer wires to facilitate a perfect installation on the Z125 Pro. No one will have issues with wire lengths moving forward as we have properly lengthened them.


      Blaster-X is bringing sexy back

      Love it! Looks great and no fuss installation.

      Winnie Y.

      Awesome product!

      I had the blaster X taillight on my 17 Grom and had no issues with wire length to reach connectors, it was an amazing taillight. I love the one for my Z also! But, I had watched a video on YouTube of a guy that has also purchased this taillight and he was alittle upset because of how short the connector wires from taillight are to reach factory harness connectors. I too am having this problem, I did not cut and splice more wire in like he did I just simply pulled factory connectors from mount position on frame and used some of that slack. I would like to have them in the proper position though.. I looked at trying to reroute wires different ways and they just seem to come up alittle short.. is there a better way to run them or is there a reason for this?? Thanks in advance, and thanks for a sick looking taillight

      Matthew S.
      Longview, TX
      Custom LED

      Hello Matt, when you purchased this product, it was necessary to untie the OEM connectors on the harness from their retention clips to make the two turn signal wires reach. However, at the present time all stock of our product features longer wires to facilitate easier installation on the Z125 Pro. Originally this tail light was developed for the ZX6R which uses shorter wires than the Z125 Pro. Now all of our tail lights ship with longer wires for a perfect installation on the Z125 Pro.


      zx-6r tail light

      great product straight foward install

      Peter A.
      United States

      The best

      Waited 2 years for this tail light it was well worth the wait awesome is the only words I have for it

      Las Vegas, Nevada

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