2017-2018 Yamaha YZF-R6 Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light

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  • Fits 2017-2018 Yamaha YZF-R6.
  • Complete Plug and Play Integrated LED tail light with High Quality clear lens - OEM fitment.
  • NEW High-Strength impact resistant PolyCarbonate (stronger than OEM) lens reduces chips that occur from tire-thrown debris, when removing the OEM fender assembly.
  • Innovative design ensures optimal integrated turn signal performance even with such a narrow tail light as the 2017-2018 R6.
  • Features our Microprocessor based Blaster-X Technology with Brake Alert, Turn Alert, and Strobe Mode.
  • New 2nd Generation Programming Interface allows users to easily customize features.
  • New Sure-Blink Technology.
  • Plug and play connectivity with OEM connectors.
  • Recommended accessories: Blaster-X Control Switch.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 2-year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Ships same business day.


The Custom LED Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Lights are the finest tail lights on the market, and the 2017-2018 Yamaha YZF-R6 is just one of many motorcycle models that we produce tail lights for.

All of our Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Lights are hand-made here in the USA by the company owner - and motorcycle enthusiast - who puts his pride and craftsmanship into every single product that we produce. Quite simply, this is the best and brightest production tail light that money can buy.

Each Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light features powerful and effective safety features built right into the tail light.  These features include: Blaster-X, Brake Alert, Turn Alert, and Strobe Mode.  Click to find out more about these features.

If you are new to the Custom LED brand, perhaps you would like to read about what makes Custom LED's Tail Lights the best available. Also, you may want to read about our founding principles that focus on quality and safety, in each motorcycle tail light that we design, manufacture and assemble. For instance, we do not produce Smoked Tail Lights, or Sequential Tail Lights because they go against the principles that this company is founded on.


  • Plug-and-Play installation with OEM connectors (tail light AND turn signals)
  • Fully compatible with OEM flasher relay for normal blinker speed and operation.
  • OEM Fit with high quality clear lens (want smoked lens?)
  • 32 Ultra Bright Red LEDs for running and brake lights
  • 24 Ultra Bright Yellow LEDs for turn signals
  • Stealth black boards for inconspicuous appearance
  • Custom LED ColorChange Technology on-board
  • Custom LED Blaster-X PWM technology on-board
  • Custom LED Strobe Mode
  • Custom LED Brake Alert
  • Custom LED Turn Alert
  • New 2nd Generation Programming Interface allows users to easily customize features
  • Sure-Blink Technology
  • Built-in Stage I Load Equalizers
  • Robust regulated design for consistent and reliable performance
  • 4 MHz microprocessor controlled operation
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 2-year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee
  • NOT DOT approved


    We have a large collection of all Custom LED product videos on the Custom LED YouTube Channel.

    The videos in this playlist below are a collection of user-submitted and original videos related to this model motorcycle.


    The Custom LED 2017-2018 Yamaha YZF-R6 Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light was designed to function as a direct replacement for the OEM tail light.  The unit will install with exactly the same fit and electrical connectors as the OEM unit.  No cutting, splicing, or bodywork modifications are required, what so ever.

    Additional hardware may be necessary if you wish to remove the OEM fender assembly and/or modify the bodywork on your motorcycle.  The fender assembly typically supports the license plate, and OEM blinker lamps.  On some models, removal of this fender assembly leaves gaps or unfinished sections of the bodywork under the tail section.  Keep in mind, our product is a direct replacement for the OEM tail light, and does not require any additional modifications.

    Our Blaster-X tail light is fully compatible with this motorcycle, which means no bulb-out warnings, diagnostic errors, or fast blink rates.  There are no external load equalizers or flasher relays necessary for proper operation with our Blaster-X tail light.

    Installation of this product requires that you remove the OEM tail light from the motorcycle, and install this unit in its place.  Please consult a qualified technician or your repair manual for the proper procedure to remove the OEM tail light.

    Once the OEM tail light is removed from the motorcycle, installation of the Custom LED 2017-2018 Yamaha YZF-R6 Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light is detailed in the instructions below.


    2017-2018 Yamaha YZF-R6 Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light - Installation Instructions

    Click icon to download.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.
    If you are having problems viewing the file, please download the free software here.

    2nd Generation Programming Interface Supplemental Brake Alert Programming Guide.

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    Joshua Nance

    BEST tail light on the market!

    I'm leaving a revised review now. My first was a biiiiiit hasty. See, i took issue with the fact that not everything you need to program it is included in the instructions; just the basic stuff. In reality, all you really need to know is how to get into the main menus, which is VERY well documented. Once you're in, it is self explanatory. I would, however, advise that they ship this PERFECT product with just one extra sheet, listing all of the menus AND submenu settings. It's not necessary but it'd be the icing on the cake, in my personal view. That outta the way, this thing just fits flawlessly. The connectors are OEM grade quality. The functions are amazing and very easy to get in to and out of. I feel much safer with a strobing brake light and you should too! Visibility is probably the number one cause of accidents. I don't know that for certain but having ridden for decades, i can say that i've had people pull out in front of me a LOT. I'm pretty defensive and always flash my brights. The back side is something you can't control. I have had one instance that, had i been using this tail light i would've avoided, where a truck was approaching rapidly while i was waiting to make a left turn. Had i not been watching I highly doubt i would be typing this today. It would've been fatal. With this thing you have such excellent visibility to other drivers you are FAR less likely to get clocked from behind by someone not paying attention. All this and it looks/fits perfect. I couldn't be happier and will recommend this to any and every person i know with a motorcycle. The product really is THAT good. Thank you, Josh

    Christopher E.
    United States

    Great upgrde

    Awesome product. No crazy wiring. Looks good.

    Joshua Nance
    St Jacob,IL

    Great fit and function

    Good price, fast shipping, flawless fitment. Here's my one MASSIVE issue with your website and documents sent: Why do you make it SUCH a pain in the **** to find the programming????? I mean, just send it WITH the unit. After tons of searching i found how to get into the brake settings, only because it was an example with the paltry paperwork sent with the bike. I have found the .pdf with the 12 settings for brake light. I've found that not all work as listed but there are several that suit my needs and i love the strobe i have. How do i get into the other calibration modes like brightness? What are THOSE values? I'm just a bit flummoxed (word of the day, haha) as to why you make SUCH a great product yet supply so little paperwork and instructions on the real "meat and potatoes" of the unit: THE PROGRAMMING!!! Overall i'd give it 4.5/5. It's perfect other than the struggle to find info. I hope that someone will show me where the other modes are located and the values that can be changed, and most importantly, how to reset to factory if i mess up a setting. *I have a brand new R1 S. Thank you! Josh Nance


    Custom LED

    Hello Josh, and thank you for your detailed review! I'm so sorry to hear you have become flummoxed trying to find information about the programming! You may be surprised to learn now that the installation instruction sheet that ships with the tail light is double-sided printed, and the back side is the side that contains the programming information. The instructions are also downloadable from the product page on our website in case you misplace the ones that ship with the tail light. And of course, we ship every tail light with a business card that contains our phone number which rings directly through to the owner and designer of our products. One call and we would have walked you through the process if the instructions were too flummoxing to follow :-) Please feel free to call anytime at 201-477-0031 if the programming instructions still seem confusing after reading them.

    James A.
    United States

    Best Tail Light!

    This product was awesome. I had bought an aftermarket fender eliminator and tried installing aftermarket rear signals. It was a frustrating job and in the end didn't work. After research I ordered your product, the Blaster-X Tail Light for my 2016 Yamaha R1. It entirely fixed all my problems, eliminated the malfunctioning rear signals, and installed like stock. Was the perfect solution and cleaned up my entire tail section. Most other products required splicing, but yours was already pre-wired and with the right OEM plugs all ready to just plug-and-play. Installation and the cleanliness was as good as stock. The clear tail light lens is much more attractive than the red stock lens. As far as safety and brightness it's awesome. The flash brake alert is great, and I can feel confident that I am being seen. Thanks again for producing such a great product. I will definitely make all my lighting purchases from you.

    James A. verified customer review of 2015-2018 Yamaha YZF-R1 Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail LightJames A. verified customer review of 2015-2018 Yamaha YZF-R1 Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light
    A Custom LED Customer
    Raffaello L.
    United States

    Phenomenal Tail Light, Extremely Bright. Well worth the money!

    Absolutely fantastic product. I actually decided not to plug in the turn signal portion because I really like how my aftermarket signals look with this tail light! Quick video of how it looks here: https://youtu.be/HQNEaeFpLjs

    Raffaello L. verified customer review of 2015-2018 Yamaha YZF-R1 Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light

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