Universal LED Load Equalizers

The Custom LED Universal Load Equalizers come in a few sizes, and fix the common problems associated with retrofitting incandescent turn signal bulbs to LEDs.

Blinker Problems: There are a few problems that can arise if one replaces incandescent bulbs with LEDs (or smaller bulbs) on their vehicle or motorcycle turn signal system.

  • Fast Blink Problem: The turn signal blinkers blink faster than stock. This is the designed response of the flasher relay.
  • No Blink Problem: The turn signal blinkers do not blink.  They either come on and stay on, or do not come on at all.
  • 4-Way Blink Problem: The turn signals come on on both the left and right side at the same time, regardless of which direction you choose.


  • Blink speed issues (fast blink, no blink) are best handled by replacing the flasher relay with one of our Electronic LED Flasher Relays.  Our Electronic LED Flasher Relays are designed to blink at the proper speed, regardless of blinker lamps used (LED or incandescent or both).  If you can not replace your flasher relay with one of our Electronic LED Flasher Relays, then you need to use our Load Equalizers.
  • The 4-way blink problem is slightly more complicated.  This problem actually has nothing to do with the flasher relay itself.  Replacing your flasher relay will not and can not fix this problem.  The simple solution to the 4-way blink problem is to add our Stage II Load Equalizers, but eMail us for more details on the 4-way blink problem.

Sometimes the right solution for your motorcycle is a combination of our Electronic LED Flasher Relay, and a Load Equalizer.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about your particular setup.  You can also read more about Load Equalizers in our Blog.

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