Magic Strobes Brake Light Flasher

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    • Universal Brake Modulator that works with LED or Incandescent tail lights.
    • New and Improved GEN2 design.
    • *CANbus and Cruise Control Compatible (*most bikes, few require additional CANbus Load Equalizer).
    • Comes with detailed instructions and simple connectors.
    • 10 different brake flasher modulator patterns to choose from!
    • Designed by Custom LED, built by Custom Dynamics.
    • 5-Year manufacturers warranty.


              The Universal Magic Strobes Brake Light Flasher, also known as a brake light modulator, can control almost any existing brake light or auxiliary brake lights to automatically provide one of 10 user-selectable brake modulator flash patterns.  Some of these brake light patterns are very high frequency strobe modulations which are sure to get noticed!  The Brake Light Flasher will automatically display the chosen modulation pattern on the onset of brake application, and will reset when the brakes are released.

              This type of Brake Light Modulation has been a huge success with our Brake Alert feature found in our Blaster-X line of integrated tail lights.  For those who do not have our Blaster-X tail light, and want to increase their brake light visibility, this Universal brake light flasher is certainly for you!


              Features and Specifications:

              • 10 User Selectable Brake Light Flash/Strobe Patterns
              • Over Current Protection
              • Thermal Protection
              • Short Circuit Protection
              • Reverse Wiring Protection
              • 84 Watts Max Power Rating, 12VDC
              • Works with LEDs or Incandescent Bulbs
              • Sealed, Weather Tight  Case
              • Compact Size: 2.25" x  1.25"  x  0.5"
              • Designed by Custom LED, built by Custom Dynamics.
              • 5 Year Warranty

              User Selectable Patterns:

              • Pattern 0: Four Brake Flashes then Solid  (Incandescent or LED)
              • Pattern 1: Four Brake Flashes, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat (Incandescent or LED)
              • Pattern 2: Seven Brake Flashes then Solid (Incandescent or LED)
              • Pattern 3: Seven Brake Flashes, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat (Incandescent or LED)
              • Pattern 4: Quad Strobe Brake , then Solid for 1 Second then Quad Strobe Brake (LED Only)
              • Pattern 5: Quad Strobe Brake, Solid for 1 Second, then Quad Strobe Brake, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat (LED Only)
              • Pattern 6: Custom LED Blaster X Cycle for 3 seconds, then Solid (LED Only)
              • Pattern 7: Custom LED Blaster X Cycle, Repeat (LED Only)
              • Pattern 8: Max Brake Strobe 4 Seconds, Solid (LED Only)
              • Pattern 9: Constant Max Brake Strobe Pattern (LED Only)



              The Universal Magic Strobes Brake Light Flasher is designed to suit almost any application for brake light modulation.  The unit has enough power capacity to power incandescent bulbs, LED lights, or any combination of the two.  With a simple three wire installation (power, ground and brake light output), and provided electrical connectors, it can be easily installed according to the following instructions:

              Installation of the Magic Strobes Brake Flasher is as follows:

              Installation Instructions

              Click icon to download.
              Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.
              If you are having problems viewing the file, please download the free software here.

              Note: Your vehicle must have a dedicated brake light circuit in order to install this product. The means, a circuit that has +12V on it only when the brakes are applied. Some newer vehicles have a shared run/brake circuit where the vehicle control modules adjust the brightness of the tail light by producing a PWM signal (most easily recognized as a 2-wire tail light as variable power wire and ground wire). Also, some vehicles are shared brake/turn circuits where the brake light and turn signal share the same circuit (lamp filament).

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