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What Is A Fender Eliminator?

Motorcycles come with factory tag holders. Many owners are not happy to see this protrusion. Motorbikes are wonderful automobiles, and you should enjoy your every ride on it. They do not like the way the protrusions contort the overall appearance of their bikes. Some owners believe that it takes away the racy appearance from the bike.

A fender eliminator is a post-market modification element that is used to modify the tail section of a motorcycle. It enables motorcycle owners to customize the rear end of a motorbike to their own taste.

What Does A Fender Eliminator Do?

The primary purpose of a fender eliminator is to modify and enhance the look of your motorbike. The fender eliminator as the name suggests takes away the plastic protrusion at the rear end of your motorbike. It makes the number plate and tail light more visible and makes the motorbike to appear sporty, sleek, and more appealing to the eyes. Compared to any other alternative you can think of to remove motorcycle fenders, the fender eliminator kids is the cheapest. It is also a very easy procedure to modify your motorcycle.

Why Do I Need A Fender Eliminator?

You need a fender eliminator if you think that the plastic that curves down the tail section of your motorbike is not appealing to you. Do you want to remove the fender and enhance the look of your bike? Are you looking for a cheap and easy method to go about this aim? Then the fender eliminator is your best bet. The fender eliminator kit will enable you to streamline the appearance of your motorbike to look sportier.

Since the fender eliminator removes the fender, the number plate becomes less illuminated and visible. This makes the fender eliminator legal in some states in the United States of America. Before you purchase one, ensure to check with your state to see if using the motorcycle modification kit is legal. Also, check with the state you reside in to see the features of the fender eliminator bought complies with the local laws.

About Blaster-X Fender Eliminator

Custom LED provides top-of-the-line Blaster-X custom fender eliminator brake light kits to transform your ugly fender into something customized and beautiful-looking. The typical installation takes only about 30 minutes for DIYers, and you'll have a very clean finish without modification.

Blaster-X integrated tail lights use plug and play technology to make the installation process as easy as possible (even or beginners) and to provide the best overall experience for each user. Your fender eliminator kit will come with brake alert and strobe mode and is programmable according to your preferences.

Custom LED fender eliminator kits are fully "plug and play." This means that our USA-manufactured tail lights use OEM connectors and clear lenses, and Blaster-X tail lights replace the OEM tail lights without the need for modification.

What Does Blaster-X Look Like?

Your Blaster-X turn alert provides a bright Amber signal that provides optimal contrast by keeping the red LEDs off on the side you are turning. Blaster-X technology makes Custom LED's tail lights the safest on the market with features such as brake modulators and strobe mode. Plus, Blaster-X fender eliminators have the turn alerts built right into the tail light to make your installation as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

When you program your Custom LED Blaster-X integrated tail lights, you can select the brake alert pattern that you want. With safety in mind, Blaster-X tail lights display a bright red LED contrast in-between the amber blinkers to provide as much visibility as possible. Blaster-X tail lights got the name from their extreme intensity. Seeing them in person is like being blasted with an LED flash! You'll love the colors, the features, how clear the lens is, and how highly distinguishable our tail lights are.

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Custom LED is a pioneer in modern LED tail light integration, and since our founding in 2003, Custom LED has been setting itself apart as the premier fender eliminator kit manufacturer. People buy from us because they know they are getting the best bang for their buck! Custom LED provides the best combination of high-quality, low cost, and ultra-customization. Custom LED is a proud USA-based company. All of our products are made here, and Custom LED provides American-quality support, products, and satisfaction guaranteed.

If you would like to speak with a representative about your bike and find the solution that's perfect for you, don't hesitate to reach out. Custom LED has an excellent support system pre-purchase and post-purchase.

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