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Custom LED LLC is capable of designing and manufacturing complex state of the art electronics - LED related or not.

Custom LED has Masters level engineers, and worldwide sourcing and manufacturing capabilities.  We will take your project from mere concept - to prototype - to production.  Whether you merely have an idea for a product, or you have an existing product that you would like Custom LED to improve upon or manufacture for you, Custom LED will prove to be a great asset.

If you are simply looking for a one-off custom designed LED circuit board, then inquire about our Custom Work.

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Some of our representative work includes:

Star Mazda: Standing Start LED Signaling System
We custom designed an entire LED signaling system for the Star Mazda racing series.  The LED signaling system is used to start their races.  The system comprises of several 18" x 18" mobile LED arrays which incorporate red and green LEDs to facilitate synchronized and complex signaling to facilitate a delayed race start.  Visit the Star Mazda home page here 
Impact Industries: C.S.S. Device
The C.S.S. is a revolutionary LED signaling device to dramatically improve off road safety. 
SLIC Taillights: Angry Eyes
SLIC is new to the custom motorcycle industry and is quickly taking products once fabricated by hand, to the skillful designers and manufacturers at Custom LED.  Visit SLIC Taillights home page here 
Simple Sale: First Response Interface Box
The Simple Sale FRIB is a revolutionary micro-controller based interface device for emergency services worldwide.  It used complex timing and logic circuitry to automate emergency service headquarters.
The FRIB is not yet released to market.  Information to follow. 
Street Stamps: LED Projector
The Street Stamps LED Projector system was co-designed by Custom LED.  The Driver assembles and high-power LED units which were developed specifically for this system were designed and are supplied by Custom LED. 
Custom Dynamics: Magic Strobes Brake Light Flasher
The Magic Strobes Brake Light Flasher is a 10-pattern universal brake-light modulator which is an effective safety feature on cars and motorcycles. 
Custom Dynamics: Universal Smart Triple Play
The Universal Smart Triple Play is an advanced Run-Brake-Turn controller that features micro-controller controlled operation for the effective integration of run-brake and turn signal function with as little as two single-intensity lamps.  The unit features a built-in 10 pattern brake modulator which can be displayed on the center optional tail light, or the turn signals, or both, during brake application.  It also features a full-contrast blink function for optimum turn-signal visibility. 
Bad Dad Custom Motorcycle: LED Panels for custom fenders
Custom LED designed and manufactures the LED panels for the Bad Dad custom motorcycle fender assemblies
Amazing Machinery: LED Illumination units
Custom LED designed and manufactures LED Illumination rings for use in the Amazing Machinery sewer and remote camera units.
Reliable Golf Supply: Tee Sentry
Custom LED designed and manufactures the Tee-Sentry signaling system used on golf courses.
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