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Compact universal fit short stalk LED blinker lights for motorcycles. 12 Ultra-Bright Yellow LEDs for turn signal indication front or rear. Can be used as a running light and turn...
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  • Maintains OEM Blinker flash rate for a wide range of LED and non-LED blinkers.
  • Plug and play connectivity with OEM connector for 2-wire AND 3-wire OEM Flasher Relay Connectors (see compatibility list).
  • Recommended accessory for all Custom LED Integrated LED Tail Lights.
  • Near zero initial turn-on delay (other LED relays delay when signals are first engaged).
  • 1-year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee.
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Now you can finally fix the flash rate on your motorcycle with our unique Plug And Play solution!  That's right, our Electronic LED Flasher relay directly replaces the stock flasher relay on most Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki motorcycles by plugging directly into the harness in place of the OEM flasher relay! 

Whether your OEM relay has 2-wires or 3-wires, our flasher relay is a direct replacement for compatible motorcycles, as the 3rd wire is simply a ground connection which our relay does not require.  See the compatibility list below for bikes that are known to be Plug-and-Play compatible with our ELFR-1.

For other motorcycles not on this compatibility list, please click here.

For motorcycles with nonstandard two wire flasher relays (not on compatibility list), this flasher relay can still be used by removing the connector and hard-wiring it.  Even three wire flasher relays can be replaced if one of the wires is a ground wire.  We also have a new connector option on our ELFR-1 QD model, which may be more useful for hard-wire and custom applications.

This unit is guaranteed to replace any two-wire flasher relay and operate at the normal DOT blink rate for motorcycles with stock blinkers, LED blinkers, or any combination of both, provided the total load on the system is within 0.05A to 10A (0.6 Watts to 120 Watts!) - which basically covers the majority of  blinker products on the market!

See the Installation Tab for more important details.

Your motorcycle must have a rectified standard 12VDC system for this flasher relay to work (most bikes are 12VDC).


  • Minimum Rated Current: 0.05A
  • Maximum Rated Current: 10A
  • Rated Voltage: 12VDC
  • Flash Rate: Constant
  • Size: 1.2" x 1.77" x 0.74"

Compatibility List



This list will determine if your motorcycle harness is known to be Plug-And-Play with our ELFR-1 Flasher Relay!  If your bike is not on the list, it may or may not be plug-and-play.  Please visually compare the flasher relay connector on your motorcycle to confirm before ordering.  The compatibility list is arranged by engine displacement.  If there is no year designation for your bike, that means it fits all years.


Navi (NVA110B), Super Cub C125A, Z125M/A (Monkey), CT125A, ADV150A, PCX150/A, WW150/A, NSS250, PS250, VTR250, CRF250, 20+ CMX300/A, 19-20 CB300R/RA, CRF300, CMX450, CRF450L/RL, 20+ CMX500/A, 16-23 CB500F/FA, 16-23 CB500X/XA, 19-21 CBR500R/RA, CB600F, 599 Hornet, 07-current CBR-600RR, CBR600F, CBR600F2, CBR600F3, CBR600F4, CBR600F4i, Shadow VLX (VT600C), NT650, 83-85 CB650SC, CBR650R/RA, CB700SC, 84-87 Magna (VF700), 91-03 CB750, 84-87 Shadow (VT700), 82-84 & 94-03 Magna (VF750), Shadow 750 (VT750), VFR750F, NC750XA/XD, VFR800, CB900F, 919 Hornet, CBR900RR, CBR929RR, RC-51, 11-16 CB1000R, 18-19 CB1000RA, 04-16 CBR-1000RR, CBR1000F, RVT1000R, Shadow 1100 (VT1100), VTR1000F, VTR1000R, CRF1000, CBR1100XX, ST1100, CMX 1100, VF1000R, VF1100C, 83 GL1100, 84-87 GL1200, ST1300, VT1300, VTX1300, 97-03 GL1500C (Valkyrie), 02-04 VTX1800, (and more!)


2017+ FE 250, 2017+ FE 350, Svartpilen 401, Vitpilen 401, 2017+ FE 450, FE 350S, 2017+ FE 501, FE 501S, 701 Enduro, 701 Supermoto, Vitpilen 701
NOTE: ELFR-1 locking tab must be removed to be plug-and-play compatible.  The OEM connector is a 2-position, whereas ours is 3-position connector with only 2-pins populated.  The pins will align, but the tab is mis-aligned thus requiring removal.


KLX250S/SF, 96-07 Ninja 250R, Versys-X 300, CBF300N/NA, Ninja 500R, 96-09 Vulcan 500, ER-6N, ZZR600, 05-06 ZX-636, 95-08 ZX-6R(R), 2013+ ZX-6R, 2007+ Versys 650, Z650, 2015+ Vulcan S 650, 08-17 KLR650, W650 (EJ650), Ninja 650R, Ninja 650, ZR-7, 96-03 ZX-7R, 05-06 Z750S, Z800, 95-05 Vulcan 800, W800 Cafe, Z900 (RS/RS Cafe/RS SE), 2006+ Vulcan 900, ZX-9R, ZX-10R, 03-06 & 14-16 Z-1000, Versys 1000, 2011+ Ninja 1000, ZX-11, ZXR1200R (1100), ZX-12R, ZX-14, ZZR1200, ZX1200, 96-99 Vulcan 1500, Vulcan S, (and more!)


(most models!) 125, 250, 350, 380, 400, 450, 500, 525, 530, 540, 620, 625, 640, 690, 950, 990, (and more!)


XCiting 250, XCiting 500, (and more!)


*Note: For all Suzuki applications, modification to the locking tab on the ELFR-1 may be necessary.

89-00 GS500E, 88-97 Katana (GSX600F), 94-96 RF600R, 96-99 Bandit (GSF600S), 96-13 DR650SE, 96-04 Savage (LS650P), 89-97 Katana (GSX750F), 93-95 GSX-R750W, 90-93 VX800, 92-97 Intruder (VS800GL), 94-97 RF900R, 93-98 GSX-R1100W, 97-00 Bandit (GSF1200S), 87-03 (VS1400GLP), (and more!)


Daytona, Bonneville, Scrambler (most), Street Triple (most), Tiger 800, Tiger 800XC, Tiger 1050, Tiger 1050 SE, Thruxton, (and more!)


SMAX, TW200 Trailway, Morphous 250, V-Star 250, Virago 250, XV250, WR250, XT250, XMAX, YZF-R3, Majesty 400, SR400, 99-16 YZF-R6, YZF600, FZ-6, FZ-6R, Seca II XJ600S, XSR700, YZF750, YZFR7, FZ-07, MT-07, Tenere 700, FZ-8, TDM850, FZ-09, MT-09, FJ-09, XSR900, SR950, Bolt C Spec, YZF1000, 98-14 YZF-R1, FZR-1000, FZ-1, FZS1, GTS1000, 92-93 FJ1200, 03-12 FJR1300, MT-01, Super Tenere, 2009+ VMAX, Royal Star, (and more!)

For other motorcycles not on this compatibility list, please click here.

General Compatibility Note:  Although we try to keep this Plug-And-Play list current and complete, there are many more bikes out there that are Plug-and-Play compatible, and hard wire compatible with our LED Flasher Relay.  We can not list them all!  If your motorcycle has a two wire flasher relay, our relay will work for certain but may need to be hard wired into the harness.  For three wire flasher relays, if one of the three wires is merely a ground wire, our relay will work but may need to be hard wired into the harness.


NOTE: You may lose your self-canceling feature by replacing the flasher relay if your bike is equipped from the factory with self-canceling turn signals.  If you want to keep this feature, use our Stage II Load Equalizers instead.

All Applications:

If your existing flasher relay is a two wire flasher relay (or a three wire with a ground wire), and you have access to it, you can replace it with our flasher relay.

Identify and connect the wires leading to the OEM flasher relay as follows:

  • Red wire on ELFR-1 to power source (ignition switched +12v)
  • Black wire on ELFR-1 to load (blinker lamps/ blinker switch)


996 - hard wire installation as follows when replacing OEM relay with our Electronic LED Flasher Relay:

  • Motorcycle Light Blue (LB) gets connected to the ELFR-1 Red wire
  • Motorcycle Pink (P) gets connected to the ELFR-1 Black wire


2014 Grom hard wire installation as follows when replacing the OEM relay with our Electronic LED Flasher Relay:

  • Motorcycle Black to ELFR-1 Red wire
  • Motorcycle Gray to ELFR-1 Black wire
  • Use optional male "quick disconnects," or available from Custom LED as P/N: ELFR-1 QD

2003-2006 CBR 600RR hard wire installation as follows when replacing the OEM relay with our Electronic LED Flasher Relay:

CBR 125

  • Motorcycle Brown wire to ELFR-1 Red wire
  • Motorcycle Blue wire to ELFR-1 Black wire
  • Use optional male "quick disconnects," or available from Custom LED as P/N: ELFR-1 QD
  • See picture of installation here


08-11 Ninja 250R hard wire installation as follows when replacing the OEM relay with our Electronic LED Flasher Relay:

  • Motorcycle Orange/Green stripe wire to the ELFR-1 Red wire
  • Motorcycle Orange wire to the ELFR-1 Black wire
  • Use optional male "quick disconnects," or available from Custom LED as P/N: ELFR-1 QD


Roadstar line (some models, < 2015), Raider, Warrior Stryker, V-Star - hard wire installation as follows when replacing OEM relay with our Electronic LED Flasher Relay:

  • Motorcycle Brown wire to ELFR-1 Red wire
  • Motorcycle Brown/white stripe wire to ELFR-1 Black wire
  • view picture here
  • Use optional male "quick disconnects" as available from Custom LED as P/N: ELFR-1_QD

If you find that your motorcycles flasher relay is not two-wire and/or replaceable, you may use the Custom LED Universal Load Equalizers along with your stock flasher relay instead.


We have a large collection of all Custom LED product videos on the Custom LED YouTube Channel.

The videos in this playlist below are a collection of user-submitted and original videos related to our LED Flasher Relays.


The Custom LED ELFR-1 Plug-And-Play Electronic LED Flasher Relay comes with detailed installation instructions.

Installation of this product requires that you identify and replace the OEM flasher relay on the motorcycle.  If you are unfamiliar with the location of your OEM flasher relay, or electronics in general, please consult a qualified technician or your repair manual for additional information.

Installation of the ELFR-1 is as follows:

Installation Instructions

Click icon to download.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.
If you are having problems viewing the file, please download the free software here.

NOTE: In some rare instances, when there are NO incandescent loads on the blinker system (LEDs front and rear), additional actions or components may also be required to prevent a wide range of blinker problems.  These problems are all associated with a lack of resistive load on an all-LED blinker system that was designed for incandescent lamps.  Problems such as, but not limited to: the 4-way blink problem (both sides blinking at the same time), the no-blink problem, and Integrated LED Tail Lights staying in "blinker mode" due to non-zero blinker voltages.  Rest assured that Custom LED has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to tackle any issues that may arise on your motorcycle.  

Remember, the Flasher Relay ONLY controls the speed of the blinkers on the motorcycle, and any other problems that arise are independent of the flasher relay, and are resolved separately as well.

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