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Will my blinkers blink faster if I install a Custom LED Integrated Tail or the Universal LED Flushmounts and remove my stock blinkers?


Why do my blinkers blink fast when I remove my stock blinkers?

The stock flasher relays on our motorcycles - which are the devices that make blinkers "blink" - are designed to blink twice as fast as normal when a bulb is burned out.  This is to let the operator know that there is a blinker bulb burned out.  Unfortunately, most after market blinker products (including Custom LED products) consume so little power compared to the stock bulbs, that the flasher relay thinks that a bulb is out when this is not the case.

How do I slow down the blinkers on my bike?

You have two options:
  • Recommended solution: simply replace the OEM flasher relay with one of our Electronic LED Flasher Relays, which are designed to blink at the normal speed with LEDs, incandescent bulbs, or any combination of both.
  • Alternate solution: you could utilize a Load Equalizer to correct your blink speed.

If I decide not to slow down the flash rate, will it harm my bike or its wiring in the long run?

No it will not harm the bike in any way.

I installed a Custom LED Integrated LED Tail Light, and another manufacturers LED flushmounts, and now my blinkers wont blink at all, what's wrong and how do I fix it?

If the amount of power consumed by the blinkers on the vehicle is too little, the stock flasher relay will fall below a threshold where it will no longer blink at all. To fix this problem, you must either replace the flasher relay with one that does not have a minimum load requirement and/or a bulb-out notification such as a Custom LED Electronic LED Flasher Relay - or, if your bike does not have a replaceable flasher relay then you need to utilize a Custom LED Load Equalizer.

If you just want it to blink again (fast) the Custom LED Stage I Load Equalizer is a value packed solution!  Please E-mail us for technical assistance.

What is a better way to correct the flash rate on my bike, the The Custom LED Electronic LED Flasher Relay or the Custom LED Load Equalizer?

The better way to correct the flash rate on any car or motorcycle is to replace the factory flasher relay with one that does not have a minimum load requirement and/or bulb-out notification.  The Custom LED Electronic LED Flasher Relay is the best solution for motorcycles and cars with compatible flasher relays (see product page for compatibility note).

By replacing your flasher relay, you are taking advantage of the power saving aspects of the LEDs (or smaller lamps) you have installed.  The Custom LED Electronic LED Flasher Relay corrects the bikes blink rate without wasting power, and for HALF the price of two pair of the Custom LED Stage II Load Equalizers!

However, some cars and motorcycles do not have a compatible (two wire or three-wire)flasher relay, which is where the Custom LED Stage II Load Equalizer reigns supreme!

How many Flasher Relays will be required for my motorcycle?

Only one flasher relay per motorcycle.

What shipping service do you use for order shipments?

We have a page that details all of our order shipping methods here.

For products that are sold through our dealer network, please contact them directly about their shipping methods.

What are your Repair/Refurbish services?

If you have an item that falls outside of the warranty policy, or you have damaged an item unintentionally, Custom LED offers repair/refurbish services for most of our products. A full refurbish for a tail light includes a new harness, lens, housing, and careful inspection cleaning and repair of the circuit board if necessary! Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority at Custom LED.  Please contact us if you have a product that requires refurbishing.

How quickly do you ship orders?

We pride ourselves on fast order processing.  Our shipping cut-off time is 12:00 Noon Eastern Time. All non-custom orders received business days before this cutoff time, ship same-day. Business days are typically Monday-Friday, excluding postal holidays.

What if I need customer support outside of business hours?

At Custom LED, customer service is a top priority. The owner of Custom LED and designer of our products answers the phone, and all eMails - always. Outside of our normal business hours, we strive to answer all emails within 24 hours. Phone calls are even forwarded to personal phones after-hours.  Be sure to leave a voice message if you reach our voicemail, so we can quickly return your phone call.

What is your Warranty Policy?

Please see our Policies Page for our Warranty Policy.

What is your Return Policy?

Please see our Policies Page for our Return Policy.

What is your Shipping Policy?

Please see our Policies Page for our Shipping Policy.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please see our Policies Page for our Privacy Policy.

Are your products DOT approved?

No. None of our products have been submitted for DOT approval.  That is not to say that they would be rejected however.  Our products are designed and manufactured for "off-road use only".  There is no such thing as a DOT approved integrated LED tail light because of DOT requirements for blinker positioning.

I am having trouble with using my Credit Card on your website through PayPal.  The shopping cart says "unable to use this card for this transaction.  What can I do?

Please call PayPal Merchant Solutions at 888-215-5506 and indicate the problem you are having.  They will work to resolve your credit card block.

PayPal has algorithms that attempt to block fraudulent transactions.  They obviously err on the side of caution, and sometimes legitimate transactions are erroneously flagged as high-risk for fraud.  By calling them and confirming that you are the card holder and intend to make the purchase, they can adjust the transaction to allow it to clear.


If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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