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Also, all our LED products are simple and easy to install. They are manufactured using high-quality products in the United States. Irrespective of the model of your motorcycle or sport bike, we have the right custom LED product and LED flasher relay that will meet your budget and needs.

What is an LED Flasher Relay? 

An LED flasher relay is a flasher relay that is designed to blink at the normal speed when LED blinkers are installed.  Typically, when switching from incandescent turn signal bulbs to LED bulbs, the factory equipment flasher relay will blink fast as if you have a turn signal bulb burned out.  This is actually the designed response of the flasher relay to alert you that you have a turn signal bulb burned out.

Why do I Need a Different Flasher Relay for LED Lights?

It is highly recommended that you maintain the normal DOT blink rate by using the appropriate flasher relay for your application.

Other motorists recognize a blinker lamp not only by the color and position on the vehicle, but by the speed at which the blinkers lamps blink.  This is why it's important to replace your flasher relay an LED flasher relay so that your blinkers can maintain the normal blink speed after installing LED blinker lamps. 

Custom LED Flasher Relays for Sale

Custom LED designs and sells a number of LED flasher relays for different bikes and needs. Check out our relays below:

The ELFR-1 LED Electronic Flasher Relay with OEM Connector provides simple plug and play use for easy installation for 2 and 3-wire flasher relay connectors. This product is extremely effective, functional, and safe. Whereas, other LED relays experience delays when turn signals are first initiated, the ELFR-1 experiences no turn-on delays.

The ELFR-1-H LED Flasher Relay 4-Pin Honda is ideal for Custom LED Blaster-X Integrated LED taillights. You can fix your flash rate once and for all with the ELFR-1-H, as this product perfectly maintains the OEM blinker flash rate for a variety of both LED and non-LED blinkers. Replace your stock flasher with a unit that is guaranteed to blink at the DOT blink rate, whether your bike uses stock blinkers, LED blinkers, or both.
The ELFR-P Programmable Electronic LED Flasher Relay with OEM Connector is a best-seller at Custom LED. Not only can users choose from a variety of flash patterns, but each flash pattern has been optimized for effectiveness and can be used with LED blinkers, stock blinkers, incandescent blinkers, and integrated taillights, such as the Blaster-X taillights from Custom LED. The ELFR-P is the recommended unit for any and all Custom LED Integrated taillights.
The ELFR-1-QD Electronic LED Flasher Relay with Quick Disconnects is the same product as the ELFR-1, only this product has quick-disconnect connectors on the wires. You will need to check your motorcycle's compatible before ordering, as this unit will only fit some OEM flasher relay sockets.
The ELFR-1-U Electronic LED Flasher Relay 7-Pin Suzuki directly replaces the stock relay on many Suzuki motorcycles. All you have to do is plug the unit into the harness in place of the OEM flasher relay. Custom LED's patented plug and play design makes installation a short, simple process.

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