Plate Bracket

Why switch out your motorcycle’s plate bracket to a Custom LED plate bracket? Stock brackets are often made to the lowest standards of quality, equipped with few, if any, functional features. Our Ultimate License Plate Brackets are made in the USA of high-quality materials and feature a lightweight aluminum profile that is hard to ignore. Plug-and-play plate lights are included and make for an easy integration with your existing connectors.

Aren’t All License Plate Brackets More or Less the Same?

The fact is that even reputable motorcycle manufacturers don’t spend a lot of time or innovation in designing their products’ plate brackets. It takes a rider to understand how a few simple tweaks could really improve a bracket and allow for a more custom setup. If you appreciate the fenderless look but haven’t yet found a way to achieve a fenderless setup without compromising safety features, you’re sure to love how our custom plate bracket pairs with our signature Blaster-X Taillights.

Are There Permanent Modifications to Installing a Custom Plate Bracket?

When you purchase Custom LED’s plate bracket, you use passenger footpeg bolts for support, so there’s no cutting or modifying existing equipment or parts in any way. Our bracket was exclusively designed to run with our Blaster-X Taillight as a complete OEM fender elimination solution. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from listening to our customers and reading the reviews left on our site, it’s that our Blaster-X taillight has made a huge impression on motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. Its durability and multi-feature profile make it an exceptional value.

Changing the Way Other Drivers See You

At Custom LED, the safety of our customers on the open road is one of our primary concerns. We know that all of the research and innovation we’ve poured into our made-in-America products is worthless unless it translates to a higher degree of safety for riders. Our LEDs greatly improve visibility for riders and for drivers of vehicles around them, making them an excellent investment. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed when you make a purchase from our website and we stand by the premise that if you’re not happy with the item you buy, we won’t be happy, either. Shop Custom LED for all of the following high-performance products for your motorcycle:

  • Blaster-X Taillights
  • Brake Light Flashers
  • LED Turn Signals
  • High-performance LED bulbs
  • Cluster LEDs
  • Flasher relays
  • Headlight bulbs
  • Strobe LEDs
  • License plate brackets
  • Load equalizers
  • OEM connectors
  • Run-brake-turn controllers
  • And more

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