Smoke, Colored, and Tinted Tail Lights for Motorcycles

We receive many requests for smoked or tinted tail lights.  All of Custom LED's integrated LED tail lights come with Clear lenses only.  Our opinion of smoked or tinted lenses is: that although they may look good (when off), the loss in performance, visibility and safety due to the tint is not worth the slightly more aesthetic appearance (again, the look is improved only when the tail light is off).

All of our Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Lights feature black "stealth" electronics and rear lens assembly for a smoked look, without any loss of performance!  The lens is optically clear, yet has a smoked appearance compared to standard integrated LED tail lights by incorporating dark components inside of the tail light housing.  This allows for the virtual appearance of a lightly smoked tail light lens, without sacrificing any performance or safety that smoked tail light lenses certainly lose.  The image on the left shows our ZX-10 Tail Light with the Stealth approach.  The lens is perfectly clear, yet it appears lightly smoked.

However, if you have considered the implications of tinting your tail light lens (and thus decreasing the light output and perhaps even changing the color of the light output), and you still want a dark tinted or smoked tail light, you may use a "Spray Tint" product to tint our tail light lenses.  This will give you full control of the level of tint, and color, and will NOT void your Custom LED Warranty!

Our tail lights are the brightest on the market, so our tail lights are perhaps the most suitable for a tinted lens.  Please carefully consider the safety impact of adding dark tint to your tail light.

We have not tested enough spray tint products to make recommendations, but there are many available online.  Try searching on Google.

(Please note that you take full responsibility for the changes you make to the tail light, and once tinted or modified in any way, our tail lights can not be returned for any reason.)

Your Warranty will still be valid after tinting!

Thank you for choosing Custom LED.

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