Tail Tidy

Tail Tidy

You can always find a wide selection of Tail Tidy kits for motorcycles at CustomLED.com. All of our tail tidies use Blaster-X technology - the very best in the world! And all Custom LED tail lights come with integrated turn signals and easy installation. You'll be able to remove the ugly plastics on your fender and have a sleek, attractive, and customized number plate with indicators on a new bracket. If you are looking for a tail tidy kit for your motorcycle, then you are in the right place now! Custom LED's Blaster-X tail tidies are fit for the many models of Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda motorcycles.

You can rest assured that, when you purchase a tail tidy kit from Custom LED, you're getting the best of the best! We sell only the brightest, safest, most effective, customizable integrated tail lights on the market.

Should I Buy a Tail Tidy?

When you purchase any of the Blaster-X tail tidy kits, they are going to clean up the tail end of your motorcycle. If you are out there riding around on a stock bike with a big, clunky, plastic rear fender on it, and it's messing up your aesthetic lines, then find the fender eliminator kit from Custom LED that works best for you. Custom LED's fender eliminator kits will give you a nice line and be aesthetically pleasing.

If this is not your first time visiting our website, then you probably already know that Custom LED makes a wide variety of products for pretty much all of the modern bikes on the market. Most likely, we're going to have an application for you. Make sure you check out all of our products to ensure that you get the right kit that works perfectly for your motorcycle.

Are Tail Tidies Easy to Install?

Once you get your tail tidy kit in hand, installation is going to be a breeze if you purchase from Custom LED. Your installation will require a light electrical lift, but all-in-all, it's something you should be able to do within an hour or so. But what sets Custom LED's tail tidies apart from other fender eliminator kits on the market?

Why Custom LED is the Best Choice or Tail Tidies

What sets Custom LED apart from other brands is the fact that our kits appeal to a wide variety of motorcycles. We don't just limit our products to one brand or one sect of a brand; we go after the entire market! Chances are; we have a product that will work just right for you.

Please note that every eliminator kit is going to be different. Depending on which motorcycle you use, it's either going to be a steel kit, aluminum kit, or a plastic kit. What remains the same is that you're going to have an easy install, it's going to reuse your OEM parts, and it's going to clean up the aesthetic look of the rear end of your bike.

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