CBR 600RR Flasher Relay Replacement for LED, Years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

So, you may be wondering where the flasher relay is on your 2003-2006 Honda CBR 600RR.  You have changed your OEM blinker lamps to LEDs and/or installed our 2003-2006 CBR 600RR Blaster-X Tail Light on the rear, and now the blinkers blink fast, or don’t blink at all.  You know you need to replace the flasher relay, but nobody seems to have one compatible with your bike!

Worry not, Custom LED has the answer, and the solution!

The flasher relay on your bike is physically built into the gauge cluster.  “Replacing” it requires disconnecting two particular wires leading to the gauge cluster, and connecting the Custom LED ELFR-1 LED Flasher Relay to these wires.  A very useful and informative 2003-2006 CBR 600RR ELFR-1 Flasher Relay Install YouTube video clearly shows an approach that does not require any wires to be cut!

There are two specific wires leading to the gauge cluster (the gauge cluster is the device that shows speed, engine RPM and other indications) that you will need to identify for a proper installation of our ELFR-1.

  • Gray wire = "blinks" +12V with the blinkers on, this is your Load wire coming from the stock relay
  • White/Green stripe = ignition switched +12V power

You should check these wire functions with a volt-meter or test light before proceeding to make sure they match the functions listed above.  The motorcycle manufacturers can change wire colors slightly from year to year, and region to region.

If the wire functions match those listed above, then proceed as follows.  You will need to effectively disconnect both wires from the gauge cluster, and connect them to the ELFR-1 as follows:

  • Gray wire gets attached to the BLACK wire on the ELFR-1 (attach to the wire going away from the gauge cluster, not to the gauge cluster)
  • White/Green stripe connects to the RED wire on the ELFR-1 (attach to the wire going away from the gauge cluster, not to the gauge cluster)

NOTE: It is critical that you effectively disconnect these wires from the gauge cluster, otherwise the OEM relay will still control the blinkers and cause the malfunction you are experiencing to continue.

This Hard-Wire installation is somewhat tricky if you are not familiar with electronics, and for this reason we generally recommend load equalizers for the 2003-2006 CBR 600RR instead.

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