Customer Review for Custom LED Blaster-X Tail Lights

Custom LED received this awesome review on Custom LED’s Facebook page from one of our satisfied customers.  It is so funny I just have to share it!  Follow this link to see all of Custom LED's customer submitted product reviews.

By Dominic Berhow:

"Just tested my new tail light with integrated turn signal. I have to say the description is misleading, “ultra-high intensity”. Somewhere there is a galaxy missing 32 yellow, and red stars. Somehow they managed to shove them into this tail light without adding any additional weight to the bike. I plugged them in to test them, and when turned the switch on, I instantly tanned to a god like bronze color. Feeling giddy, I pointed the tail light at Michelle and activated the Super Nova mode, also known as the “Brake Light” I am going to miss Michelle, but I will always have her shadow permanently burned into the siding to remember her by. AND it also includes an Instant Seizure mode to get rid of annoying neighbors when they want to show up and chat, and you want to ride. As you fast as you can point to the tail of you bike and say “Look at the birdie” they will be out for the count, drooling and flipping around like a salmon right before it becomes sushi."

Needless to say, we love to hear about our satisfied customers and that we are doing good.  We put a lot of time, effort, and pride into our exclusive Blaster-X line of Integrated LED Tail Lights for Motorcycles.  If you have not seen a Custom LED Tail Light in person, you may not understand what all the fuss is about!  Custom LED makes the brightest and most distinguishable tail lights on the market – AND they are Made in the USA!

See more Custom LED Product Reviews on our company website on the product pages.

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