Brake Light Flasher

Brake Light Flasher

Custom LED offers a few options for brake light flashers, all of which are feature-rich, guaranteed to last for years, and of a premium quality. Custom LED designs top-of-the-line motorcycle light products that are built to be durable, sleek, affordable, and customizable. Please, view our brake light flashers right here on our website.

Custom LED Brake Light Flashers

First, check out our Blaster-X Universal Brake Light Flasher for standard taillight systems. If you drive a 2011-2018 Ducati Diavel, then check out our Magic Strobes Intelligent Brake Light Flasher. The Blaster-X product is priced at $59.95, making it the cheaper of the two options, and the Ducati Diavel Magic Strobes product is priced at $149.99. The Ducati Diavel Magic Strobes Brake Light Flasher comes fully equipped with plug and play technology and is CANbus compatible.

Blaster-X Universal Brake Light Flashers

The Blaster-X Universal Universal Brake Light Flasher works well with both LED and incandescent taillights and features GEN2 design. You'll be able to customize your experience like never before, as this product allows users to select from 10 distinct brake flash patterns. Installation is very simple, and all Custom LED products come with detailed instructions and require minimal tools or mechanical experience to install. Many people will watch a YouTube video or two just to make sure they are installing them right.

Please note, even though this product is CANbus compatible, some bikes will require an additional CANbus load equalizer, which you may also purchase here. Please, make yourself aware before you make your purchase. If you should have a problem with your brake light flasher, it is covered by a manufacturer five-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2011-2018 Ducati Diavel Brake Light Flashers

The Ducati Diavel Brake Light Flasher features complete plug and play technology and a microprocessor-based system that intelligently controls the OEM brake lights to function as both brake lights and turn signals. You'll be able to customize your brake light display with ten choices. Further, the Ducati Diavel Brake Light Flasher comes CANbus and cruise control compatible.

The patented design of this product features an ultra-slim-line compact, waterproof construction. Like the Blaster-X flasher, the Ducati Diavel brake flasher comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Safe Brake Light Flashers

Upgrading your brake light flasher can make your motorcycle more appealing, more customized, and safer. In fact, all of Custom LED's designs are created with safety at the forefront of plans. For example, our brake flash patters will automatically disappear when turning to display the strongest visible turn signal. Everything from the patterns to the colors and patented designs are meant to keep you safe while you drive

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