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  • 4-Wire Conversion Pack QUICK VIEW 4-Wire Conversion Pack $7.50
    4-Wire Conversion Pack for Universal Round LED Clusters | Custom LED

    4-Wire Conversion Pack

    Allows for Run (dim red), Brake (bright red) and Turn (bright yellow) operation of our Universal Round Clusters with Red Primary/ Yellow Secondary option. Only intended for use with our 1.85"...
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  • Universal Round LED Cluster QUICK VIEW Universal Round LED Cluster $39.99 $29.99 SALE
    Universal Round LED Clusters with ColorChange for Run and Turn or Brake operation | Custom LED SALE

    Universal Round LED Cluster

    $29.99 $39.99
    1.85" diameter Universal LED Cluster with ColorChange for Run and Turn operation, or Run and Brake operation. Fits stock Harley-Davidson blinker housings with simple retrofit! Fits many hot-bodies undertail led cluster...
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