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Custom LED is a pioneer in the art of motorcycle LED tail light integration.

Technology: The state-of-the-art technology of opto-electronics is always evolving.  As a result, so does the technology we incorporate into our products.  Custom LED has created a technology for our motorcycle integrated LED tail lights we call "BLASTER-X."  This technology uses a 4 MHz Microprocessor on the tail light circuit board (PCB), which controls the entire operation of theCustom LED Blaster-X Top Quality Hand Made LED Taillight Tail Light for Motorcycles. integrated LED tail light, and allows for pulse-width-modulation (PWM) operation of the LEDs.  This allows us to extract the maximum possible performance (several times the brightness) out of each LED in the integrated LED tail light.  In addition, Blaster-X allows us to include unique and intelligent safety features such as our Brake Alert, Turn Alert, Sure Blink, and Strobe Mode!

Performance: With the combination of Custom LEDs unsurpassed brightness, visibility, and our additional safety features, the turn signal function is integrated into the motorcycle tail light very effectively.  Our ColorChange technology ensures that motorists clearly see a pure amber light from your motorcycle LED tail light for turn signals, and a pure red light for braking - and never a confusing combination of both at the same time!  Motorists expect to see a flashing amber light to indicate a turn signal - and that is what they get, and a LOT of it too, with Custom LED.

Pride: Custom LED has been making high-quality motorcycle integrated LED tail lights since our founder and company owner, a motorcycle enthusiast and electrical genius, started Custom LED way back in 2003.  Our mission is, and always has been, to provide the highest quality and best performance integrated LED tail lights for the motorcycle community.  The owner personally answers every single phone call and E-Mail, and is directly involved with the entire manufacturing process of our tail lights.  How many other companies do you know in this industry that have such passion and pride in their workmanship and products?  Probably none.

Quality: The motorcycle after-market industry has been totally overrun with products, produced by foreign manufacturers, who do not understand the importance of quality and performance.  Some of these manufacturers have never even seen the motorcycles that they are "designing" products for!  We have seen popular integrated LED tail lights sold by USA based companies that have all of the LEDs pointing straight down at the GROUND, instead of straight back from the motorcycle as it should be!  Clearly the persons designing that tail light had absolutely no understanding of how the tail light mounts on the motorcycle - or worse, decided they could save costs by designing it the way that they did.  Perhaps the designers intentions may have been good, but what does that say about the company that is importing this type of junk into the USA and selling it for use on a motorcycle?  Surely the company selling the product would have to test it first, right?  Or, was it completely a matter of dollars and cents, and the company decided it was too expensive to fix once the realized the mistake, or was "good enough"?  Either way, when it comes to motorcycle tail lights, it certainly doesn't make sense to sacrifice quality for cents.  We would never do that at Custom LED - which is why our products are not sold at unreasonably low prices.

Safety:  Custom LED has a very strong focus on motorcycle safety in the products that we design and manufacture.  We believe that visibility is paramount.  Each and every tail light that we produce is designed to have outstanding visibility through extreme brightness, and unique and effective operational safety features.  Features such as our Blaster-X, Brake Alert, Turn Alert, and Strobe Mode!  These features make our tail lights the most visible integrated LED tail lights available.  Also, we do not produce tail lights that have excessively smoked or colored lenses, as this will drastically reduce the safety and visibility of the tail light.  We also do not produce tail lights that feature "sequential turn signals" because they also have been shown to reduce the visibility of the turn signal.

Value: The stock OEM tail light cost for many motorcycles ranges from $100 to as high as $200 or more.  These tail lights are manufactured under contract in the thousands and tens of thousands of pieces by professional manufacturers.  As economies of scale would have it, these extremely large quantities bring about significant value and cost reduction.  So, how is it that some of our competitors can sell an after-market tail light for the same motorcycle model for only a fraction of that price?  Some after market tail lights sell for as low as $20 new!  Do you think that these low price sellers are making significantly more tail lights than the manufacturer of the motorcycle itself?  That would be silly, right?  So how is it that they can possibly do this?  The answer is simple: they are sacrificing quality and performance, and using untrained labor that is sometimes working simply for room and board.  Please don't misunderstand the point, there are many quality manufacturers in all parts of the world.  However, you can bet that a quality tail light, produced at low quantities, will cost close to the same as the OEM tail light itself - at least.

Cheapo Tail Lights: Beware of inexpensive alternatives to the genuine Custom LED products. These products are often cheaper than Custom LEDs products because they are made of significantly lesser quality components, and are built from an inferior design with inferior quality control practices. Custom LEDs products are made with the absolute highest quality components and processes - which is why we offer a 2-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee on our motorcycle tail lights, and simply outperform the competition in every way: brightness, safety, and reliability!  Custom LEDs integrated tail lights are the brightest and most effective on the market. To help identify a genuine custom led product being sold on-line please contact us directly.

Bottom Line: Check out a mind boggling comparison video of Custom LED VS the "competition."  Or this video.  There is obviously no comparison.  This is what you can expect from Custom LED: a no-compromise stand out performance, backed by superior customer service. (Note: both tail lights are clear, not smoked.  This is a customer submitted non-biased video representation of the actual relative performances.  Both units were installed properly and functioning as designed at the time that the video was taken).  Even the product videos on our website don't do justice to the performance of our tail lights.  You just have to see them in person to truly understand.  With our satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose.  Try our products and see for yourself!


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