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  • Allows for Run AND Turn operation of Single-Intensity (2-Wire) LED Blinkers.
  • Formerly called Magic Blinker.
  • New high-speed solid state design is compatible with all flasher relay patterns.
  • Built-in Stage I Load Equalizer helps prevent the no-blink or 4-way blink condition.
  • Comes as a complete kit with electrical connectors and detailed instructions.
  • Recommended accessories: Electronic LED Flasher Relay & OEM Blinker Connectors.
  • High-Power capability of 12A/ 180 Watts (2A/ 30 Watts recommended).
  • Low on-state resistance means your indicators will be as bright as possible.
  • Works with LED or incandescent indicators.
  • Manufacturer direct purchase.
  • 1-Year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Sold as a PAIR.
  • Ships same business day.


The Custom LED "Blinker Genie" is designed to allow single filament light bulbs, single intensity LED assemblies, or any two-wire indicator lamps to function as both running lights AND blinkers - at full brightness!

Simply connect your two-wire incandescent or LED indicators on your motorcycle to the Custom LED Blinker Genie, and your indicator bulbs/LEDs will now stay on constantly as running lights, and blink when you engage the blinkers!  (Note: the indicator will turn off for the duration of the blinker pulse - this is how the blinking is achieved.)

The Custom LED Blinker Genie is designed to be as small as possible while being as versatile and robust as possible.  The finished dimensions of the unit will measure less than 0.7" x 1.25" X 0.25" and can carry up to 12A of current (see specifications)!  This ensures our product will work for any application (blinking your headlights individually, or powering one single LED lamp for instance).  To further ease installation and ensure dependability, the Custom LED Blinker Genies are water resistant.

The Blinker Genie is applicable for any and all situations where a single filament lamp, or single brightness LED or LED cluster is desired to function as both a running light and a blinker light - provided that the running light will be on anytime you use the blinkers.  This is always the case with motorcycles, but not necessarily with automobiles.  For Automobile applications, please read the special note in the installation tab.

One Blinker Genie controls up to 2A worth of indicators on a single blinker circuit in the recommended configuration.  The Blinker Genie's are sold IN PAIRS.  One will be required for each side of the motorcycle, for every 2A worth of switched indicator load (25W).

For most applications, they are used in the front to drive two wire LED indicators.  Technically, if you ran wires to the back, you could control the rear blinker lamps with the Blinker Genies as well.  However, it is recommend that you use one Blinker Genie for each "corner" of the vehicle.

The Blinker Genie comes with 7" leads, all required electrical connectors and detailed installation instructions!


  • Made in the USA
  • New high-speed solid state design is compatible with all flasher relay blink patterns (like our ELFR-P)
  • Built-in Stage I Load Equalizer helps to prevent the no-blink or 4-way blink condition (some bikes)
  • Comes as a complete kit with electrical connectors and detailed instructions
  • Works with LED or incandescent indicators
  • Completely water proof
  • 1-Year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Maximum Recommended Indicator Load: 2A (30W)
  • Maximum Switching Current: 12A
  • Internal Resistance: 0.18 OHMS
  • Maximum Switching Speed:  1Mhz
  • Switch type: Advanced Power Mosfet
  • ONLY functions with a Negative Common Ground System (most common)


    Custom LED Blinker Genie typical installation diagram


    Click to download installation instructions

    Click icon to download.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.
    If you are having problems viewing the file, please download the free software here.


    Although the Blinker Genie was specifically designed for motorcycles, they will work on any 12VDC system. However, on cars you will have to find a suitable power source to power the Blinker Genie (red wire). The Blinker Genie REQUIRES the power source for the red wire to be an ignition switched constant power source. This means, the Blinker Genie MUST have power anytime the ignition is on. This also means that the lamp(s) that you connect to the Blinker Genie will also be on anytime the ignition is on. This way, a turn signal function will always be possible. Without power, the Blinker Genie can not "blink" the lamp to indicate a turn, AND you will damage the Blinker Genie by sending power to the turn signal input without first having power on the red wire.

    On motorcycles, the running light wire is an ignition switched power source. On cars, it is generally NOT suitable to use the running light wire to power the Blinker Genie because this circuit will not have power unless you manually switch the running lights on. You must find a suitable circuit to power the Blinker Genie in this case. Refer to the specific wiring diagrams and manual for your particular vehicle. Some cars have ignition switched power taps in the fuse box for easy connection.


    For motorcycles that do not have running lights in the front of their motorcycle (such as the new Kawasaki sportbikes), the red wire on the Blinker Genie must be connected to an ignition switched source for proper operation.


    In order to properly utilize the Custom LED Blinker Genie on many Honda Motorcycles, the constant power input wire (red) must be connected to a ignition switched source (other than that for the front stock blinkers).  The little running light near the headlight is a perfect power source, OR you can connect the left and right running light wires together to create a constant running light source. 

    The reason is because the running light wire that runs to the front signals cuts off completely when the blinkers are activated, and stays off until the blinkers are canceled.  This causes the operated load (LEDs or lamps) to not work properly as the Blinker Genie is designed to draw all power from the "running light" input wire.

    Using a voltmeter, you can easily verify if you are having this problem.  Simply measure the voltage on the RED input wire on the Blinker Genie to check for constant 12V power - blinkers on AND off.

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    Marcos A.
    New Zealand

    Blinker Genie review

    Great product, well written instructions and when one of them was not functioning correctly I got quick replies to my emails and a replacement sent out free of cost despite no clear decision as to whether or not fault had been caused by myself fitting it or the product actually being faulty. Once I had fitted the replacement both genies worked really well.

    Blinker Genie (pair)
    Kevin T.

    Blinker Genies

    Worked as promised once I figured out my bikes colour codes. May add to back of bike also.

    Blinker Genie (pair)
    Carl A.
    United States

    Blinker Genie

    This product works great when changing from 3 wire standard bulbs to 2 wire LEDs. Mine was used on my FZ 07 to retain the front running lights just like the original configuration but with nice bright LEDs

    Rich S.
    United States

    Blinker Genie

    Works great. Easy to install

    Ian J.
    United States

    Great product

    Works flawlessly as always. Took a bit longer to get here this time round, hopefully it was a one off.

    Blinker Genie (pair)

    Custom LED

    Hello Ian, thank you for your continued business!  I did some research on your order, and it appears that the massive blizzard we had in the North East affected your order.  At Custom LED, we always work hard to ship our orders promptly.  Same-day for orders received before Noon Eastern time.  But, alas, mother nature crippled the postal service and delayed your order.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

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