H13 LED Headlight Bulb - High Performance

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  • High performance H13 (9008) LED high/low beam Headlight Bulb (single bulb)
  • High-beam and Low-beam function supported with dual-LED chips.
  • Super-bright 2000 Lumens (*real output, not peak)
  • Optimized focal point ensures light is projected onto the road.
  • Super Efficient <25 Watts power consumption
  • Active cooling ball-bearing fan
  • Ultra-compact design for ease of fitment
  • Correct 6000K color-temperature
  • 1-Year Warranty!
  • Ships same business day.


Custom LED is proud to present our line of high-performance LED Headlight Bulbs for Motorcycles and Automobiles!  We have incorporated several key design features which make these LED Headlight Bulbs perform incredibly well.  Our Hyper-X LED Headlight Bulbs are durable, incredibly bright, intelligently managed, and compact to assure compatibility with most vehicles that use an H13 Headlight Bulb.

Read more about these unique design features in the Features tab above.


  • Super-Bright Light Output: 2000 Lumens (*real output, not peak).
  • High-Beam/Low-Beam: function is preserved properly with this LED bulb with correct focal points for each function.
  • Super Efficient: 25 Watts power consumption.
  • Optimized Focal Point: superior and unique design provides for same light distribution as an H13 halogen bulb by preserving the focal points of existing headlight housing for high-beam and low-beam outputs. Other manufacturers over-rate their brightness, and improperly place the LED chips causing most of the light to scatter rather than being efficiently reflected onto the ground as intended.
  • Ultra-Compact Design: maximizes fitment compatibility while maintaining proper heat dissipation and longevity.
  • Super Intelligent Thermal Management System: utilizes forced cooling VIA a high-quality ultra-quiet ball-bearing fan, and a variable current LED driver which adjusts to thermal feedback.
  • Durability and Longevity: is achieved through IP67 waterproof rating, high quality components, and intelligent thermal management.
  • Color-Temperature: 6000K for optimal visibility in all driving conditions.
  • LED Chip: High-Quality OEM automotive.
  • Wide Voltage Input: 11VDC~30VDC.
  • Operating Temperature: -40C~90C
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • Warranty: 1-Year against manufacturing defects.



    We have a large collection of all Custom LED product videos on the Custom LED YouTube Channel.



    The H13 style High Performance LED Headlight Bulbs are designed to be as compact as possible to ensure compatibility.  The mounting bases are identical to that of a standard H13 halogen lamp.  However you will see in the product photos that the electrical connection is corded, in order to provide enough space for the cooling fan and driver.  Your headlight housing (if capped) or surrounding area must have enough room to provide for this cord.  The fan itself takes up as much room as the bulb connection generally would, so that should not cause any problems.

    Power wise, these bulbs only consume 25 Watts of power, which is a reduction from the 55 Watts that a standard Halogen H13 lamp would draw.  On most motorcycles, there is no headlamp bulb monitoring so there will be no compatibility issues on these models.  Automobiles do tend to have headlamp bulb monitoring, and they may detect this power drop as a bulb failure and may show a lamp warning in the dash.  This is rare however, as 25 Watts is still a considerable amount of power.  In the rare event that you do have a bulb-out warning or compatibility issue after installation, we sell inexpensive CANbus modules which may be purchased separately to alleviate this problem.

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