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    • High-brightness compact LED strobe module.
    • Available Strobe Colors: RED, YELLOW, GREENBLUE AND WHITE.
    • 7 intense user selectable strobe patterns, and one steady on super-bright mode.
    • Made in the USA.
    • 1-year Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee.
    • Ships same business day.


    The Custom LED Wicked Strobe is a stand alone programmable LED Strobe Module capable of super-intense strobe modulations. There are 7 on-board strobe patterns that can be individually selected VIA a single program wire - and an automatic mode that cycles through each!  

    There is also an ultra bright steady-on mode, producing a very high intensity light.  This means that the Wicked Strobe Modules can also be used as super bright auxiliary marker lights, brake lights, or turn signals! 

    Multiple units can be used and will automatically maintain synchronization with each other!

    The super-compact Wicked Strobe Module measures only 2" x 0.86" x 0.5" L x W x D and comes with an 18" long cable assembly (3-wire: power, ground and program).  Mounting is simply achieved VIA specialty water and heat resistant Double Sided Adhesive Tape (provided).



    Wicked Strobe Performance Features:

    • Super compact size for easy mounting/storage on motorcycle (2" x 0.86" x 0.5" L x W x D)
    • Ultra bright light output – maximum possible illumination power
    • 7 intense user selectable strobe patterns, and one steady on super-bright mode
    • Modules require no other electronics or controllers!  Each one is fully autonomous
    • Automatic mode cycles through all 7 strobe patterns continuously
    • Regulated design insures consistent and maximum performance over wide input voltage range (12 - 35 VDC)
    • Rugged plastic enclosure for simple double sided tape mounting
    • Weather resistant design
    • 18" long plug-in cable assembly provided
    • Only 3 wire hookup!  Power, ground and communication/program wire
    • Modules maintain synchronization with each other simply by connecting program wires together
    Wicked Strobe Programming Features:
    • Programming is achieved simply by intermittently grounding the program wires of each wicked strobe module.
    • <1 sec ground on program wire (white) will cycle each module to the next strobe pattern in manual mode.
    • >1 sec ground on program wire (white) will put each module into automatic mode.




      Wicked Strobe Installation Instructions:

      Installation of the Custom LED Wicked Strobes is detailed in the instructions below:


      Installation Instructions

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      If you are having problems viewing the file, please download the free software here.

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